Frequently Asked Questions


Where do you showcase the latest finds?

New inventory is listed on The Brick Alley Co. Instagram Story daily.  Make sure to follow us to preview the latest finds. Click here to visit us on Instagram.

Can I buy on Instagram or do I have to purchase on the website?

Items on the website have to be purchased through the website. Items shared on Instagram can be purchased by sending a direct message to the Brick Alley Co Instagram account. Through this buying option, you will be able to pay for your items over PayPal or Venmo. 

How do I pick up an item I purchased?

We will have selected hours to pick up your items from our showroom. Once you receive your purchase confirmation, you’ll receive instructions to pick up your item!

How much is delivery if I purchase an item?

We offer free delivery on purchases $20 + within the area noted below unless otherwise noted on the item listing. Flat rate shipping to all 50 states will be available soon.


Can I still have Items delivered if I am outside the free delivery range ?

We can deliver items outside our free delivery range up to 12 miles from the shop for a small fee. Please contact us to inquire about the delivery price as it will vary depending on the size of the item. 

I am from out of town and would like to purchase an item but am unable to pick up until x date? Is that something you can accommodate? 

Yes. Please reach out us after your purchase to inform us of any extension of the pick up time and we will extend our hold policy.

Do you Purchase or Consign Items from individuals ?

Yes, no, and sometimes! Send us pictures of items you would like to sell and we will happily discuss our process with you.

For additional questions, feel free to contact us