About Brick Alley Co.

Brick Alley Co Richmond VA


Brick Alley Co. offers a variety of new, vintage, and handmade furniture and decor for your home. Our goal is to provide accessiblesustainable, and affordable vintage for your modern home. We ask ourselves these questions with every item we select for Brick Alley Co: Is it functional? Is it Timeless? Is it Interesting?

Our Showroom

Our showroom hours are currently by appointment only. Our address is 

1206 Dinwiddie Ave, Richmond, VA 23224

To set up an appointment, please email us shop@brickalleyco.com

About Jessica - Owner of Brick Alley Co.

Jessica originally hails from Charlottesville, VA, but she has been calling Richmond home for years now. After moving to Byrd Park as a first time homeowner, she realized how inaccessible quality design can be. Furnishing her own home allowed her to develop a keen eye for spotting quality design and perfecting the art of mixing eras and decor styles into one that’s uniquely her own.

As she honed her design style, and as her home felt more and more complete, she noticed the transformation was not only visually powerful but an inspirational catalyst for her creativity and productivity. It became clear: living in a space that inspires you can help to manifest the life you want to live. This was the spark that ignited her passion for design and gave rise to the concept behind Brick Alley Co. -- accessible vintage for the modern home.

Two years later, Brick Alley Co. now provides thousands of customers with design inspiration and character-filled pieces to make their home their own.