About The Artist : Joan Satero

Joan Satero is a living, working human currently creating in an industrial art studio out of Richmond, Virginia. Known primarily for their large mixed media compositions on canvas, Satero's preferred media include acrylic paint, charcoal, oil paint, enamel, ink, wood stain, oil pastels and texture mediums. 

At once balanced and chaotic, playful and refined, Joan’s approach lays a framework of raw color and fluid structure - inviting the viewer to perceive on a deeper level without the constraints of form. In this way the viewer joins the artist as creator, interpreting the piece through the lens of their own beliefs, desires, aspirations, and memories. Unrestrained by classical form, yet focused by their incessant search for new techniques and media, Joan’s style is constantly evolving and refining.

The freedom of incorporating different color palettes, mediums and techniques in their compositions allows Joan to draw upon a wide spectrum of inspirations - travels, nature, design, books, media, music, and ancient history have all ignited the artist’s expression.

Artist Statement 

"My goal is to take what is going through my mind and visually materialize it. I want to communicate how I perceive and relate to reality and the human experience. My love of mixed media is an homage to an over stimulated world, my practice, and my thought patterns. Through this I have constructed a process that helps me make sense of the chaos. Each work is an essence of myself."